Valves for internal combustion engines

The high quality intake and exhaust valves made of martensitic and austenitic steels in monometallic and bimetallic versions in accordance to technical requirements of the original engine producers.


In the production of valves, the latest technological solutions that are prescribed by engine manufacturer are applied.

The application of various materials and ways of workmanship in the valve stem production

  • Bimetallic (friction welded) intake and exhaust valves
  • Valves with chrome plated stem, valves of high wear resistance characteristics.
  • Valves filled in with sodium
  • Valves with deflector

Various treatments of the valve stem end and grooves

  • Valves with induction hardened grooves and the whole stem in all technical versions in accordance to specifications of engine producers.
  • Valves with hardened stem part by welding of stellite alloy.
  • Valves with induction hardened stem part.

Thermical treatment and combining of various materials in valve seat workmanship

Presentation of alloy application

  • - Coating of the valve seat with stellite alloy

Presentation of valve seat thermical treatment

  • Induction hardening of intake valve seat

Forms of valve stem tip end

There are technical possibilities to manufacture valves with all possible types of valve stem end, which are applied in engine valve production.

Presented forms of tip end are made on the high precision equipment in accordance to technical requests
and they absolutely ensure safe work of valves inside the engine.