Valve guides

Intake and exhaust high quality valve guides, made of cast iron and special bronze alloy, according to the technical requirements of the original engine manufacturers.

Technical possibilities

Our production capacities in the field of valve guides allow us to provide our clients at any time with valve guides for all types of vehicles with guaranted quality and delivery.
Here we present just part of our technical possibilities

Forms and characteristics of valve guides

The latest technological advances allow us to produce valve guides of the most complex requirements in terms of shape, size, surface quality, various configurations of holes and outer surfaces characterized by high accuracy and precision.

Explanation of valve guide characteristics on section examples

  • External fuse channel (the first image on the left)
  • End of the valve guide – can be narrowed (the first image) or conical (the second image)
  • Expanded surface within the hole – can be placed at the end of valve guide (the second image) or in the middle of the valve guide (the third image)
  • Lubrication hole (the third image)